Color Composition

Business Card

Mitsubishi Logo History

At first (1870), three diamonds represented a ship’s propellers, from the shipping company Tsukumo Shokai.

The name “Mitsubishi” refers to the three-diamond emblem. “Mitsubishi” is a combination of the words mitsu and hishi. Mitsu means three. Hishi means water chestnut, and Japanese have used the word to denote a rhombus or diamond shape.

The logo is based on the merger of two age-old Japanese dynasties who used a coat of arms with three similar diamond patterns. At first (1870), three diamonds represented a ship’s propellers. Mitsubishi was started as a shipping firm.

ITP Logo Designs

For this assignment, we had to redesign the ITP logo. Here’s what it looks like currently.

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Typographic Exercise

This week we had to set our names in 6 different typefaces that we feel say something about us or the character of our name.

Michelle Boisson

Things to consider about my name:

  • no descenders, everything stays at the baseline
  • my first name has 3 ascenders, none in my last name
  • many “round” letters – c, h, e, l, b, o, s, n
  • two double letters – double l and double s
  • name starts with a capital M, one of the few non-rounded letters.
  • my last name means “drink,” as in the noun “drink,” in French

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Signage and Information Systems

This week’s assignment was to find signage or information systems that don’t quite work or that might be confusing.

This is a store front in Chinatown.

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Principles of Visual Communication: TimeOut NY website

For my first assignment in 2D Design, I decided to review the TimeOut New York website based on the principles of visual communication we went over in class. For this review, I am only focusing on the homepage.

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