Applications is a class lead by Red Burns, the founder of the ITP at NYU, and is my favorite class so far. Every week, a different guest lecturer is invited to talk to us about their work, their ideas, their aspirations, their history, and their advice on life. Presenters come from varying industries and field, almost as varied as the ITP student body itself. Some presenters are ITP alumni themselves.

Every week, two groups from our class present their response to the speaker of the previous week. My group, group 18, was responding to Curtis Wong, a Principle Researcher for Microsoft, who shared his passion for virtual environments and visualization. He is the creator of The Worldwide Telescope (WWT) which was announced at the TED Conference in 2008. He called it his labor of love. Continue reading

The M5

I love New York. And I hate New York.
I’ve lived in New York my whole life and have never been away from it for more than three weeks at a time, at most. While I do feel like New York and I have gotten to know each other really well over the years, she still surprises me once in a while. I mean, New York is huge. (And by “New York” I mean New York City, of course.) Some call it the capital of the world.

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with my partner about the New York City accent. What was it really? I studied linguistics in undergraduate school, not because I wanted to be a linguist, but because I found the subject really fascinating. I love pointing out people’s accents (hopefully not to their chagrin) and learning about where they come from. I love the mechanics of pronunciation and the evolution of phonetics. Continue reading

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