WorkJam User Journey

Music plays in the rhythms of our world. It get us going.
From fight songs, to lovesick ballads, to chants of freedom and everything in between, music simultaneously keeps us company and brings people together. Our emotional attachment to music is known to change how we feel and how we approach tasks.
WorkJam harnesses these powers of music to help you get through your workday without being drained.
WorkJam listens to your energy levels and plays songs to keep you in the creative flow.

Many people play music while they are getting work donw. WorkJam’s smart song selection and sensor system responds to readings of your energy level through EEG. As work progresses and your energy starts to dip, WorkJam responds by playing incrementally faster-paced music. The energy in the music feeds your mental energy so you’re able to maintain a steady workflow. As your energy comes up, the music switches to a slower tempo and even ambient music or near silence, so you don’t get tired by the music itself.

When your energy is really slowing you down. It’s time to take a break, and you’re rewarded with one of your favorite songs. Sure to have you come back to work feeling refreshed and pumped. You can trigger one of these songs at any point to get an extra boost. Use your friend’s favorite songs as your own boosts too and grow your music collection.

Music for your workflow

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