Punch Me, I Dare You is a stress-relieving game using Microsoft Kinect that encourages the player to punch areas of a face on screen (See my teasing face above). There are five areas: left eye, right eye, nose, left cheek, and right cheek. Each area must accumulate a certain amount of damage through punching before the player can move to the next area. A short clip of high-energy music plays each time a punch is landed, and the music progresses as the player progresses through the game. The game is timed, encouraging the player to want to beat their own time. [VIDEO and PICTURES to come soon]

It’s a game that I created during my first semester at ITP. It uses a hacked Kinect, Processing, and MaxMSP. You may download the full game here.

Here Tony is testing out the game.

What you will need

– Microsoft Kinect sensor
SimpleOpenNI library for Processing
MaxMSP (for the sound and music)
maxlink library for Processing (for the sound and music)


I am using skeletal tracking through the SimpleOpenNI library for Processing. I am able to track the player’s hands in 3 dimensional space. When either hand passes through the current target area, the “damage” variable increases until it’s time to load the next area.

Next Steps

This game was created as a final project. Because of the time constraints, I focused on the core parts of the game and wasn’t able to add extra features. If I continue this project, I’d like to work on perfecting the programming of a punch using joint alignment. More details on  my ITP student blog here.

I’d like to save users’ time to a database and track progress and players.

I’d like to add more faces so the user can choose who they’d like to punch.

Related to that, I’d love to work on navigational elements using gestures and the Kinect–for example, how to make selections and rollovers using the hands.

I’d also like to the music to be controlled directly from Processing, instead of MaxMSP, so that everything is contained in one programming environment.